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Elm wooden furniture handles
Wooden furniture handles in Elm
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Elm furniture handles
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Elm cupboard handles
Elm wooden furniture handles

Natural Elm finished handles 195mm

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Highly decorative, simplistic wooden handles. Natural Elm finish.
Handmade by theHandleMakers in UK from 100% sustainable timber supplies. Made from slightly contrasting wood layers for modern, scandinavian style appearance.

Elm warm and highly decorative grain will made great addition to your furniture or interior.


In case there is not enough in stock please contact me with required quantity, wood tone and finish type. Usually small set can be made within 1-2 weeks.

Handles are available as untreated or varnished.

Untreated handles are suitable for rooms with low humidity and may be use untreated or own finishing product as wax, oil or varnish may be applied. They can also be used to add another finishing material on top as decoupage, fabric, laminate and more.
To prevent UV timber discolouration we recommend to use suitable products.

Satin finished varnished handles are treated using high quality water based primer and varnish which preserves natural colour and grain of timber. Suitable for use in kitchens and bathrooms taking into account that contact with water should be minimised.

To achieve sleek appearance handles are made as thin as possible - may not be strong enough to support heavy doors of kitchen appliances. Please let me know if you need a kitchen set - I will make few slightly thicker, reinforced ones to fit fridge freezer or dishwasher doors.

Please let me know if other timber or finish is required - I may be able make them to order.

Approximate dimensions:

Smaller handles (S):

Length - 195 mm
Width - 20 mm
Height - 25mm
Drilling holes distance - 160mm

Optional - made to order:

Larger handles (L):

Length - 230mm
Width - 27mm
Height - 30mm
Drilling holes distance - 192mm

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